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Rabbit Health:
Neurological Problems

Vestibular (the system that maintains posture in relation to gravity) disease is usually a result of E. cunniculi (a parasite that affects the central nervous system) or pasteurellosis infection. It is often referred to as wryneck, toricollis, or head tilt. It can also be caused by trauma, abscesses, toxoplasmosis, ear infections, or other neurological disorders. Depending on the cause, the vestibular symptoms can resolve with no treatment at all or the prognosis can be very poor. You vet will determine the cause and treat it appropriately. Antibiotic therapy will be prescribed if the cause of the vestibular disease is infection and your veterinarian will instruct you about how to give supportive care. Other medications that affect the vestibular system may also be given. This is a medical emergency.

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