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Rabbit Health:
Fecal Pellets (Poop)

Yes. This page is about Poop.

It can be the first sign of a problem —- before there are any other symptoms. You should check your rabbit's poop every day. Normal fecal pellets (bunny poop) are a bit tacky to the touch when first passed. They dry quickly, have the consistency of sawdust, and are round like peas. They should not be misshapen. The bigger the better, but the size of the pellet varies with the size of the rabbit. If they are strung together like a string of pearls, your rabbit is ingesting too much hair. S/he and all companion rabbits are in need of grooming. Changes from your rabbit's normal pellets indicate a health problem. If you are taking your rabbit to the vet, collect some of the problematic pellets to show your vet.

Learn more about bunny poop. Read ⇒"The Mystery of Rabbit Poop." by Dana Krempels, Ph.D.

Rabbits also have cecal pellets, also called cecotropes. Rabbits usually eat their cecotropes before you see them.
What is a cecal pellet?

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