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Your First Rabbit:
The Commitment

Too many companion rabbits and other companion animals end up in the shelter system or worse because of poorly thought out decisions to acquire them, because of misunderstandings, and because of unrealistic expectations. To be a responsible rabbit guardian, you must adhere to these values:

  • Make no impulse decisions no matter how adorable the rabbit in question may be. Obtain a rabbit only after you understand the joys and pitfalls of rabbit behavior and care and have decided that you can live happily with a rabbit in the house.
  • Rabbits, like all animals, are living, feeling beings, not a disposable inanimate object or toy. Rabbits are to be kept in the house as members of the family. Rabbits in hutches cannot offer the delights of a house rabbit and are apt to become "burdens" to be "disposed of."
  • The goal of rabbit care is based on what is mentally and physically healthy for the rabbit and what will promote longevity. Care that is based on what looks good at shows and what sells are not consistent with responsible guardianship.

Responsible Rabbit Guardianship Means You Have Concluded That:

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